Based on key information agreed in advance and made available to us, we are able to provide you with IFRS compliant quarterly and annual financial statements with a full audit trail. We help you efficiently and effectively prepare for the year-end by providing guidance, support and models. We can partner up with you to answer all IFRS related questions and work as an independent liaison between you and your auditors when it comes to IFRS positions, decisions and working papers.

We help clients organize their audit binders in order to have seamless and less expensive audit.

Acertis IFRS Desk’s scope of services includes:

  • Conducting detailed IFRS impact assessments
  • Preparing IFRS compliant financial statements using well-advanced techniques to gather/ analyse the input data
  • Helping companies understand the implications of accounting changes and the challenges that adoption of new reporting standards brings to their business
  • Assisting first-time adopters in implementing IFRS
  • Providing advice and recommendations on IFRS accounting policy choices
  • Documenting accounting policies
  • Preparing IFRS accounting policies manuals
  • Regularly updating on the changes to IFRS
  • Providing technical guidance on the way a specific transaction must be taken into consideration
  • Designing group reporting packages to gather information from subsidiaries
  • Assisting in performing impairment testing
  • Reviewing impairment tests prepared in-house by the management
  • Assisting in completing GAAP reconciliations (i.e. IFRS to US GAAP)
  • Organization of customized training

Our IFRS and US GAAP technical advisory teams are comprised of highly experienced professionals who are recognised in the financial services industry. Our team brings strong and varied professional experience to the issues (under IFRS and US GAAP) that affect your business and transactions.