Specialization and quality-oriented strategy

The Acertis model is based on expertise in a limited number of areas and on client service excellence. By voluntarily restricting its offering, Acertis can provide the quality of service its clients expect and can occupy a position of leadership in more specialised areas, such as company and asset valuation.

Differentiation through specialisation. Acertis' philosophy is based on value creation and specialisation, which finds expression in the will to minimise leverage effect and to promote tailor-made services.

Human resource management policies. To guarantee a high level of quality, Acertis has established a strict policy for recruitment, training and assessment of human resources.

Prerequisite for service delivery. Only those services that meet a strict set of conditions (for example, access to the expertise required and availability of resources) are offered to clients.

Single point of contact. Acertis offers its clients a single point of contact to enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of its services.