Our values

The values of Acertis underpins its commitment to both its clients and its staff.

Among the values embodied by Acertis, client service excellence is at the heart of its action.

Quality forms part of the DNA of Acertis. It guarantees its continuity. In addition to client service excellence, the other values that guide Acertis include:

  • Added value
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Sense of responsibility and effort
  • Professional ethics
  • Cultural diversity
  • Promotion of a socially responsible world

Acertis aims at participating in the process of creating value for its clients and consequently to maintain a balance between the perceived value of its services and the rates charged. To offer the best possible service to its clients and to help them evolve in an increasingly competitive environment, Acertis stays tuned in to markets, anticipates changes, identifies best practice, contributes to the development of new solutions and industry standards and constantly improves its working methods.

Acertis places innovation at the heart of its operating model so that innovation becomes part of the range of services offered to clients and is continuously developed.

Relations with staff are based on trust and respect, which means:

  • Seeking a convergence of interests between the organisation as a whole and its staff
  • Steering performance based on the longer term
  • Acting frankly and honestly in relations with colleagues
  • Seeking to objectivise conflicts at all times
  • Counting on trust and autonomy in a controlled framework
  • Making staff accountable

Acertis attaches particular importance to the sense of responsibility and effort, on which it places a high premium.

Acertis devotes itself wholeheartedly to meeting the challenge of promoting a socially responsible world that combines responsible action and management of a heritage for the well-being of future generations. Acertis also tends to base its development on the cultural diversity of its staff and of its clientele.

The sustainable growth of Acertis is based on absolute compliance with ethical codes of conduct in force.