Bringing added value to your financial consolidation process

Consolidation reporting represents a major challenge for top executives. It is a tool at the service of group performance monitoring and contributes to the quality of communication with investors and other stakeholders.

Among the many challenges companies must face, some of the most important are the increasingly brief time limits for consolidating data, the frequency of individual consolidations, the quality of information, the consolidation process per se, frequent changes in the scope of consolidation and the rotation of teams.

As a member of the financial management team, you wish to:

  • Produce reliable consolidation information
  • Optimise or overhaul your financial reporting system to cope with new issues (switchover to a monthly reporting system, shorter production time limits, interfaces with source data, use of a common foundation for consolidation reporting and management accounting, inclusion of new subsidiaries, change of accounting standards)
  • Mobilise external resources quickly to face a crisis situation (departure of a key resource, overload of work)
  • Optimise the consolidation process
  • Secure consolidation expertise
  • Facilitate the actions of statutory auditors
  • Tackle issues many corporations are confronted with:
    • Commonality in account structure
    • Currency translation
    • Unresolved intercompany eliminations
    • Lack of standardization in the data capturing tools
    • Use of multiple conflicting data sources

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