Valuation at the cornerstone of your decision-making process

In an increasingly complex business environment, the valuation issues surrounding mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting (IFRS for example), restructuring, tax planning and disputes have become more difficult to manage than ever.

The need for transparent and robust valuation processes to support corporate transactions and to meet regulatory and accounting requirements (including the effect of the adoption of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) Directive) has increased.

As financial reporting has shifted to a fair value model, it has triggered increasing regulatory scrutiny and has led to the emergence of new risks which the fund managers, investors and services providers are exposed to.

Among others, the complexity of the valuation of unquoted and illiquid investments and the extent of professional judgment it involves appears to remain a major challenge for the private equity industry.

As a company manager or administrative and financial officer, you are obliged by law, regulations or contractual obligations, or you would like to:

  • Obtain support for the fair value measurement of a company or of an asset in connection with transactions requiring the engagement of a certified auditor or accountant (contributions in kind, merger, split, transfer of head office, change of a company's legal form, etc.)
  • Obtain support for a purchase price allocation
  • Obtain support for the fair value measurement of securities or other assets in connection with a business or asset acquisition/ divestment/ transfer
  • Obtain support for impairment testing
  • Determine your financing needs in the context of investment projects
  • Have your investment strategies evaluated
  • Engage an expert in connection with the acquisition or divestment of intangible assets (goodwill, trademarks, patents)
  • Secure advice on the choice of valuation methods
  • Provide a fairness opinion within the framework of a squeeze-out
  • Obtain assistance in connection with a dispute between shareholders

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